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While The Lights Were Out

Jan 21-23, 28-30, Feb. 4-5
Friday/Saturday Performances 8pm, Sunday 2pm

“An off-the-wall murder farce.” Murder takes place at the Wickenham estate, Popliteal Beach, Bermuda. Was it a shooting, stabbing, poison? Much suspense and full of surprises. Much takes place “while the lights were out.”

Directed by Diane Noraas (586) 764-2394 email: avonplayers@att.net

Auditions: Click here for audition flyer
November 28 6:00 pm and
November 29 @7:30 pm with registration a half hour before

A Script of the show is available at the reference desk of the Rochester Public Library.

Characters (Note: age is that of characters not necessarily that of actors):

- LADY MONICA WICKENHAM late 40s to late 50s, likes nice things
- LORD CLIVE WICKENHAM late 40s to early 60s; Monica’s spouse; eminent neurosurgeon,
miserly and somewhat tyrannical
- BIBI CAVENDISH about 30; celebrated fashion designer; interested in appearances
- PIERRE POURRI 30s; Frenchman; former fiancé of Bibi; amorous
- JASMINE PERDOO middle-aged Alabaman; accent is slight and soft; genteel but observant
- MIMOSA late 20s to early 30s; “diminutive”; Wickenhams’ Jamaican maid; “slight calypso-lilt vocally”
- NANCY STAFFORD 30s to 40s; Wickenham’s housekeeper; efficient and straightforward
- TOM GROGGINS appears mid-30s +, an unexpected visitor; fiancé to Mimosa
- RODERICK REMLEY middle-aged; Wickenhams’ butler;
- FREDONIA CUSTARDINE late 40s to late 50s; Monica’s sister; autocratic but not nasty
- CHLOE CUSTARDINE about 25; Fredonia’s daughter; in love with Algernon
- ALGERNON WICKENHAM about 25; Wickenhams’ son; Bibi’s fiancé; occupies time with tennis
- BENJAMIN BRADDOCK middle 30s to late 40s; Inspector of Police; somewhat inept in solving cases
- ALMA THREEDLE late 20s to late 30s; a police sergeant; Ben’s assistant; takes notes; very capable in solving cases but subtly lets Ben take the credit
- UNIDENTIFIED BLONDE late 20s to late 30s; good figure; amnesiac and prime suspect; need not be natural blonde, will use wig if necessary

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