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March 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28
Friday/Saturday Performances 8pm,
Sunday Matinee 2pm

Produced with special arrangement with Dramatic Play Services

The mood is somber as a family celebrates the birthday of Big Daddy
because a number of evils poison the mood. Maggie, Big Daddy's
daughter-in-law, wants to give him the news that she’s finally become
pregnant by Big Daddy's favorite son, Brick, but first the mysterious rift
between her and Brick must be unraveled. Brilliant scenes of sudden
and lashing dramatic power make this one of the most successful plays
of our time. This is a gripping and intensely moving story that can hold
its own with anything written for the American theater.

                                   Cast List

MaggieSandy Monterosso
BrickJoshua Monterosso
Big DaddyMike Olsem
Big MamaJean Miller
GooperDean Vanderkolk
MaeJoy Oetjens
Dr. BaughMark Palmer
Reverend TookerRichard Boykins
Dixie Chloe Schultz
TrixieZoe Oetjens
BusterAyden Makar
SonnyJeffrey  K. Monterosso
SookeyJessica Braun
DaisyBetsy Labick
LaceyJeffrey M. Monterosso

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