Vocal Cuts for The Bridges of Madison County

Character(s)Vocal Cut(s)
Francesca Johnson
"A Million Miles,” mm. 92-103
“Always Better,” mm. 10-27
Robert Kincaid“A Million Miles,” mm. 51-67
Richard "Bud" Johnson"Home Before You Know it", mm 24-39
Carolyn"State Road 21", mm. A120-A136
Michael"State Road 21", mm A97-A112
Marge"Get Closer", mm. 12-28
Charlie"When I'm Gone", mm. 1-17
Marian"Another Life", mm. 9-23
EnsemblePick any of the above songs that best shows off your voice and range.
Call Backs
Francesca Johnson"A Million Miles", mm 68-82
Robert KincaidA Million Miles", mm 68-82
Ensemble"State Road 21", mm. A25-A40
Audition Scenes
Francesca and Robert 1
Francesca and Robert 2
Marge and Charlie
Michael and Carolyn
Francesca and Bud